Skimming the pool surface is an important element in maintaining a swimming pool in a clean and hygienic condition. The pool surface is where most dirt and contaminants enter. These particles can drift for many hours before they become waterlogged and percolate slowly to the floor of the pool. The Gator Auto-Skim is designed to remove the vast majority of floating debris before it can sink to the bottom. This action dramatically reduces the workload of the Automatic Pool Cleaner (APC), as well as reducing the incidence of stains on the pool floor and walls.

The area that contains the greatest microbiological hazard to swimmers is contained in the top surface layer. This is where the water is warmest, and chlorine and other disinfectants at their weakest. The surface carries a myriad of substances such as leaves, grass clippings, insects, dust, body fats, suntan oil and other materials left behind by swimmers. Bacteria and algae thrive in this environment! Surface skimming removes many potentially harmful materials directly from the pool surface where they can do the most harm. An efficient pool skimmer takes in warm, contaminated pool water, processes it through the leaf basket and filter and distributes it back into the lower, cooler regions where disinfectant action is the most effective.

The Gator Auto-Skim will ensure a pleasant swimming experience by automatically removing unsightly and unhealthy pool debris. The benefits include enhanced water clarity, hygienic water conditions and very low maintenance requirements.