Brief On What Gator Auto-Skimmer is all about
The GATOR INLINE POOL SKIMMER simply attaches to the suction pool cleaner hose and randomly moves around the pool surface, collecting surface debris before it sinks to the floor.
  • Devours surface leaves and debris as it randomly moves around the pool.
  • Improves pool cleaner performance: leaves skimmed before they can clog.
  • Designed with safety in mind.
  • Easy to install – low maintenance.
  • Won’t effect pool cleaner operation -operates with all suction models.
  • Does away with unsightly debris bags.
  • Easy to clean from the weir.
  • Fine Particles and contaminants still filtered though the filter.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Effectively cleans along the sides of the pool.
  • Operates at any water level.